Having Multiple Passions Is Beneficial (Research Backed)

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Here’s a weekly suggestion: resolve to develop a new passion.

Maybe you have a passion in life, and you are maybe experiencing great pleasure because of it. Pursuing something you love, whether through work or at home, can bring great emotional fulfillment.

But broadening your horizons a bit — being polyamorous about passion, as one research paper put it (Schellenberg, Bailis, 2015) — can also have multiple benefits. It found that participants with two passions had greater well-being, enhanced happiness and more positive moods.

Of course it’s possible that people with two passions simply spend more time on enjoyable activities than those with one passion, but actually the researchers found having two passions was associated with greater well-being and happiness gains even when the total amount of time invested across two passions was the same as the time invested by others in one passion.

So if there’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up, now’s the time.

Also, bear in mind a problem with this research is its cross-sectional design (the fact it only took measures at one point in time). This means we don’t know if happier people who are more satisfied with their lives are simply more likely to have multiple passions, as opposed to multiple passions causing extra happiness.

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