Who am I?

Hi! I’m Rinaldo Ugrina (26). I'm an entrepreneur (I run a web design agency). Physicist and Computer Scientist by trade. Side project and content addict. Focused on creating and shipping in 2020. Sharing my journey online (no matter how uncomfortable) to increase accountability.

To find out more about my current focus, services, 2020 goals, books I’m reading, hobbies and more visit my simple personal website: LINK

What is this?

Weekly newsletter containing stories, reflections, side project updates and weekly findings. 💌

What you might read about?

  • psychology research paper summaries

  • process of building and shipping side projects

  • updates on learning new skills (coding, UI/UX, languages, #nocode)

  • behind the scenes look of running a digital agency, building and scaling systems

  • technology reports

  • book reviews and summaries

  • kindle highlight of the week

  • etc

    I also made the archive publicly available so you can check it out before you subscribe if you are unsure what to expect.

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