About me

Hey, I'm Rinaldo Ugrina! I run a website design and conversion rate optimization agency. Most of my work is at a fascinating interplay of technology and psychology. Although my main focus is running my agency, I'm more of a generalist / jack-of-all-trades. I actually spend most of my days at the intersection of my interests. I design, code, write, learn, research, and teach.

Human psychology is one of my deepest interests. The mind is difficult to comprehend. Most human behavior is a result of subconscious processes. As a result, many of our beliefs about how people behave - including beliefs about ourselves - are wrong. It's my goal through my content to make some of the unknown be known.

What is this?

It’s a newsletter containing research updates, case studies, and analysis on the psychology of marketing, conversion optimization, and user experience. 💌

My mission is to uncover why people behave the way they do.

Right now this field has two camps:

  • Academic Content - credible (yet complex and impractical)

  • Mainstream Content - easy to understand (yet obvious and superficial)

I blend these domains.

Few reasons to subscribe

  • You’ll get content that is based on real research, but in summarized and actionable form

  • Convert more traffic, spend less on marketing, and grow faster like the "big dogs" in the industry

  • You’ll benefit from a large library of optimization case studies and research that I draw from

  • Learn from both B2B and B2C case studies

  • I share everything I can from what I’m learning in the field

  • You’ll be able to adopt proven methodologies for optimizing revenue and performance

  • You’ll get a curated list of the best content in one convenient email

  • I will only send you an email when I have valuable information to share, you won’t receive several emails per day

I also made the archive publicly available so you can check it out before you subscribe if you are unsure what to expect

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